10 Best Invoice Generators

  ( 10 Best Invoice Generators )

Why Do You Need an Invoice Generator?

The inventions in the world did not occur just out of the blue. There was a special need and place for them. To survive in this world, we require money, and managing it perfectly is another milestone to achieve. There comes an invoice generator that allows entrepreneurs and working groups an efficient way of handling their transactions and payments.

This section will address the concern, “Why do you need an Invoice Generator?”

  • Flawless Process

With an error-free invoice creator, the calculations of individual services, goods, and taxes are done flawlessly. The accurate total makes the client have more confidence in the company.

  • Increased Business

With an invoice maker which is fast and works like a charm, the clients get an impression of an efficient and effective workforce. It enhances the company’s reputation and credibility.

  • Environment Friendly

The sharing of invoices and payment transaction PDF documents are environment friendly as they do not need paper, stamps, or envelopes. Moreover, invoice generators save time by clicking a button and sending the commercial document.

  • Professionalism

The customized greetings and messages in these invoice makers originate professionalism from the business’s side when sent to clients. Moreover, it creates a sense of loyalty and attention.

  • Free Online Access

The free online access of an invoice creator is magical. The user can approach the web application from any device at any time of the day and keep up his work. This free access brings zero strain on the user’s wallet and has a better chance at handling the transactions.

10 Best Invoice Makers

Before picking out the invoice generator for your business, it is essential to take a check on all existing invoice makers in the field, showing their expertise. For the same reason, we have outlined ten of the best of them to help you make a clear decision based on your preferences.

1. WeInvoice

WeInvoice is a well-renowned web application that creates invoices in a professional manner. With a neat operational interface, incomparable efficiency to handle finances and saving times, this invoice generator brings you an automated invoicing system. It means that one can schedule their invoices to their clients and avoid manual labor at best.

Along with this, another startling feature of WeInvoice is its unlimited storage of invoices and contacts. The user can have as many invoices saved there without any risk of privacy. The contacts can also be added and maintained regularly. 

More importantly, you can have detailed receipts and control the template according to your business sense which is an ideal situation. Insert your brand logo and share the invoices via email using WeInvoice. You can check out this review post of WeInvoice to learn more about it.

If you are concerned about the pricing of WeInvoice, let us tell you. The first three invoices and estimates are free of cost here. To upgrade, you have to pay $59.99 annually, saving 28%. But if you want to take the monthly package, get ready to pay $6.99. The upgradation will provide unlimited invoices and estimates with 24/7 customer support. Moreover, you can cancel anytime you wish to!

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2. PayPal

The next best invoice maker of the lot is PayPal. It is yet another efficient software that makes the payment transaction and purchases flawless and errorless. One of the bright features of using PayPal is that it allows you to handle your invoices, have a look at their status and record those payments.


With professional as well as customized invoice templates, this invoice generator permits you to send the link of the invoice to the client. The payment is processed using a credit card, debit card, and even PayPal credit. Along with this, you can issue and manage the invoice from the PayPal website and PayPal business mobile app.

3. Wave

The next invoicing generator to be discussed needs no introduction as its name is enough to do so. Wave Invoicing has set the bar high by allowing automatic backup on the cloud and tailoring terms and conditions according to the business needs. Not only this, Wave Invoicing views all client’s transactions in one place and presents automated accounting software integration.


Moving on, this invoice generator does the trick by handling the customer communication ideally and sending the invoices in any currency. You can also organize the captions in your invoices and schedule the automatic payment to keep the client in the loop. Furthermore, the easy operation attracts beginners and new entrepreneurs.

4. Invoice2go

Invoice2go is the invoice creator that aims at changing history. The services offered are unmatched. From scheduling and managing your appointments to organizing and handling the expenses, Invoice2go created leads that allow you to grow the business. Moreover, the user has the dare to manage the customer’s information at once while sharing professional and customizable templates in minutes.


Along with this, using this invoice generator makes you track all your invoices by scheduling automated reminders to the client. There are proper business performance insights monthly that provide the businessperson how much has been paid and received. The calculation in the invoice is also error-free, and estimates are done flawlessly.

5. Square Invoices

This invoice maker was solely developed to save the user’s time and help them get paid in nanoseconds. Beginning from seamless service customer experience to sending digital estimates and invoices, Square Invoices permits the user to track their invoices and send default reminders. One can pay from their credit or debit cards thus, enhancing efficient financial purchases and payment transactions.

Square Invoices

Furthermore, Square Invoices presents you branding of your company. You can now insert your logo, set up a color scheme to leave a personal touch to your business model, and add customized, personalized messages by following a simple series of steps. You can also issue several items of the package for clients from a single estimate hence, saving time and resources.

6.  Zoho Invoice

The next Invoice generator has a lot to offer. Let us introduce you to Zoho Invoice, whose main concern is to bring ease and comfort to small businesses around the world. With Zoho Invoice, one can download its app and craft professional invoices, and send them efficiently. Zoho believes in the phrase “Time is Money,” which is the reason it lets you track time and bill the clients for the hours you have worked. This accounts for an honest bill, and you get what you deserve.

Zoho Invoice

Along with this, the invoice maker scans the expense receipts and reports, making the billing process of the client more facile and flawless. Moreover, you can also send payment reminders. The template customization with Zoho gets reals when it permits you to give any look and stance to it. You can set any impression of your company by controlling how your invoice looks. 

7. Harvest

Harvest invoice generator is one of its own kind. The first attribute that Harvest offers is tracking of time. It provides an easy and efficient tracking experience by starting and stopping timers during your work and automated reminders that keep you on track. Moreover, it allows the user to transform the time into revenue by using Stripe and PayPal integrations.


Furthermore, you can share the invoices via email and issue them based on the time tracked and expenses. Not only this, but the user can also have a chance at better bookkeeping and streamlined payment transactions. If you pick Harvest, get ready for a smooth and dynamic workflow.

8. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is another amazing invoice creator application that has worked like a charm for the businessmen out there. This invoice generator issues professional invoices as easily as it can get. You can even customize and personalize the invoice by giving the impression of your brand. Not only this, but you can also insert the logo and enhance the recognition. 

The Green Dragon Landscaping

If you are not happy with the default emails the app sends, you can tailor them as you wish to. From sending reminders, charging a late fee and multiple currencies to requesting an early deposit, FreshBooks knows how to keep its users hooked to it. You can also develop a stable cash flow by negotiating the fixed prices and ask for what you deserve gracefully. Moreover, streamline your workflow and send your client’s retainer summary reports to keep them in the circle.

9. Bill.com

Bill.com, with its advanced tools and setups, has really taken the reins in its hand. This invoice generator mostly works perfectly with small businesses. The mantra of Bill.com is to pay, get paid, and simplify every bit of this process. Starting from the flawless organization of documents to receiving the payments in minutes, Bill.com has its own way of handling your larger finances.


The data stays in sync once you have uploaded one invoice. This creates a fast reconciliation process and keeps the book consistent. Moreover, you can have control over the invoices and view the pending transaction activity any time of the day.

10. Invoice Generator

Last but not least, let us have a look at this workable Invoice Generator whose name is exactly its function. This application works in mysterious ways to save your time. It never lets you retype the same information again and again. The next time you need to send an invoice, the system will complete all the credentials on its own.

invoice generator

Other than that, you can download the invoice with a mere click of a button, thus saving time and resources. It also notifies you whenever the client has viewed it. If for some reason, the client has not viewed it, the app sends a default reminder. Along with this, Invoice Generator allows you to change the color scheme, add taxes, insert descriptions of goods and services provided and bring the brand’s logo into the light.

Which Is the Best Invoice Generator?

We have ran a complete background check on 10 of the most workable invoice generators in the market. Now, we feel like it is our responsibility to recommend you the best of them all. WeInvoice makes the generation of invoices as simple as it can get. Let us have a look at why WeInvoice takes the lead by knowing its benefits.

For starters, WeInvoice allows multiple payment methods and cards that make the transaction fast and easy. The timely payments create satisfaction and loyalty from both sides. Other than that, this free invoice maker ensures legal compliance as well as offers a user-friendly interface to their users.

Apart from this, WeInvoice has leveled up by providing the invoices in different formats such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs. You can have all terms and conditions added to the invoice and even insert more fields to ensure transparency in the payment due. The multiple ranges of professional and customized templates also fascinate the users and business fraternity.

With up to five languages, one can download the invoices, and we recommend you using WeInvoice for all your present and future endeavors.

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What Makes A Great Invoice Generator?

This section will cover the points that make an Invoice Generator a success. If you are looking for how to create an invoice with an ideal invoice maker, it is highly mandatory that you have a glance at this part.

  • Automatic Reminders

The automatic reminder in an invoice generator is fascinating for the users. The default payment reminder is sent to the client after the invoice is due without creating any pressure on the party.

  • Free of Charge

The major thing that makes a great invoice generator is it is free of cost. This attracts users from above and beyond.

  • Readily Accessible

It has to be accessible at any point of the day and from any device using an internet connection.

  • User Friendly Interface

It has to provide a user-friendly interface that any layman and beginner can attempt to work on successfully.

  • Recurring Payments

An Invoice Maker has to be able to create a recurring payment system that automatically sends out the invoices to repetitive clients on the schedule set by you.

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The article encompassed around ten of the best invoice generators in the market. Moreover, the benefits of WeInvoice were also explained in detail. We hope that we did a good job in addressing the answers to “What Makes A Great Invoice Generator” and “Why do you need an Invoice Generator?” We advise you to make your choice carefully by knowing the pros and cons of all the invoice generators.


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