New Facebook App Called ‘BARS’ Gives Aspiring Rappers Access to Free Beats: How to Get Free Rap Beats Online

New Facebook App Called ‘BARS’ Gives Aspiring Rappers Access to Free Beats: How to Get Free Rap Beats Online  ( Screenshot From App Store Online )

One particularly complicated roadblock for most aspiring rappers is the access to professional beats. While there might be a few good free beats online, monetizing them later on or even enhancing them can be quite problematic. However, a new app by Facebook aims to level the playing field giving aspiring rappers access to free beats.

Facebook new app BARS

Facebook actually has an internal division called the NPE which is responsible for coming up with new apps and services. However, a lot of these new ideas still get buried. The latest experiment as of the moment by the NPE is a particular rapper-friendly app called BARS. This app is one of the stand-out apps that focus directly on aspiring rappers.

This specific app would allow users to simply scroll through a long library of other professionally-created beats and do their rap on top of them while making a cool video. The core premise of the whole app is to give everyone access to some studio-grade instruments and tools for them to make beats for their rap verses. This is where BARS is trying to bridge the gap between rapper and producer.

Rapping apps

Facebook announced that every week, the BARS app will reportedly be adding even more beats created by some professional producers spanning from all across the world. In addition to the given background beats, users can also pick from an array of different visual filters in order to add a twist to their videos as well as add to the chances of them being discovered. Additionally, the app will also be adding to the rhyming suggestion helping rappers automatically find the next word to complete their spill.

According to the story by PocketNow, the BARS app is currently listed on the App Store. However, it is still in the early access phase. This means users will have to both sign up and wait for the whole waitlist to clear their name. The app has a once-niche but growing target and now, it might actually be useful to a lot of people out there.

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How to get free rap beats online

The app is reportedly friendly to those without rapping experience and all users need to do is download, sign in, and use. BARS is said to be for amateurs who want to make themselves known in the rap scene and get discovered. There are also some challenge modes within the app that would allow aspiring rappers to sharpen their skills. The freestyle tool will also work by suggesting users some word cues for them to add more lines to their rap lyrics.

While this is very similar to TikTok, in the case of BARS, the entire library will consist of different beats that go with the rapper’s verse. Similarly, there will also be two sections namely the New, which is content creators that the user follows, and Featured, which are the videos already promoted by the algorithm.


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