Nvidia Expects to Duplicate 61% Growth to $5 Billion in Q4 2021 This Coming Q1 2022

Nvidia Expects to Duplicate 61% Growth to $5 Billion in Q4 2021 This Coming Q1 2022  ( Screenshot From Graphically Challenged YouTube )

NVIDIA recently shared its Q4 2021 earnings and despite the company’s reported GPUs being very low on its supply, it didn’t really seem to hurt just how much money the company was able to make.

In fact, it also reported a record of $5 billion in revenue. This is a whopping 61% rise year-over-year from their previous record. 

Nvidia 2021 earning

As of the moment, what’s even more impressive is the fact that Nvidia now expects to make over $5 billion in revenue during the upcoming Q1 2022.The Q4 2021 earnings were uploaded to an article by GoldNewsWire.

This new positive outlook is also surprising given that Q1 was generally known as a slower quarter compared to others, even for other big tech companies. This is due to the rush of new people buying a lot of products especially during the said holiday period.

It is now generally a much slower period in general for new product releases across both tech and gaming. Also, it’s important not to forget that there is a worldwide GPU shortage that is still happening as of the moment.

Nvidia also reiterated that there will be sparse supply will then continue throughout the next quarter. However, this is still likely to be factored into the company’s rosy revenue prediction.

Nvidia RTX chip struggle

Nvidia also noted that it expects most of the expected $5 billion revenue estimate this Q1 2022 coming from the whole gaming market.

This is despite being the segment that is currently having the hardest time serving. Ever since the previous launch of the new RTX 30-series desktop GPUs, all leading with the Nvidia RTX 3080, the RTX 3090, and also the RTX 3070 as well as other products.

According to the story by The Verge, Nvidia still hsan’t been able to keep up with the growing demand for their GPUs and it is not just this company that is affected.

AMD has also reportedly struggled, maybe even more compared to Nvidia, to be able to keep a remaining steady stock of GPUs heading to its retailers.

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Discouraging cryptominers from the new RTX 3060

The article noted that a colleague, Sean Hollister, was able to get comments coming from the two companies regarding shortage. It was also noted that the ongoing pandemic definitely played a huge role in all of this and also possibly the main shortage of new semiconductor chips.

Nvidia also recently announced that the company is trying to make things easier for new gamers and not the cryptocurrency miners. This is in order to get its supposed RTX 3060 desktop GPUs that’s expected to release tomorrow for a whopping $329.

It is also doing that by implementing the new GPU driver software which would reportedly weaken the Etherium farming ability by half. This is an effort made by the company to somehow discourage crypto miners from buying the GPUs.


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