How To Get a Cat Filter on Zoom Like That of ‘Cat Lawyer’ Rod Ponton?

How Do I Get a Cat Filter on Zoom? Like Cat Lawyer Rod Ponton  ( Screenshot From Baobao Zhang YouTube )

Recently, a particular Texas attorney had started making headlines when he suddenly showed up for a particular virtual court hearing that was using a certain filter that had transformed his face into that of a very sad kitten. Lawyer cat filter attorney Rod Ponton’s memorable words were “I’m not a cat” which he told a judge while still struggling to turn off the software.

According to an article by AFR, it actually turns out that his own computer was using a particular software called the Dell Webcam Central which is capable of transforming faces that are filmed through its webcam into certain avatars like cats, kittens, babies, and even aliens. Video filters have previously transformed faces into potatoes, cats, pickles, or whatever had become popular within the early days of the previous Snapchat app where users could easily press as well as hold on their selfies in order to change them.

How to get a cat filter on Zoom?

There are a number of ways for people to get filters on both a Windows PC or even a Mac computer so it really depends on the user as to how fancy they want to be with the filters. Some of them are actually built directly into Zoom itself. Others, however, would still need the use of other outside software like the Snap Camera. The specific software that had reportedly made the famous Ponton cat face now appears to be no longer supported by Dell.

In order to get the cat filter on Zoom, first turn on the Zoom app for either the users Macs or PCs then proceed to “Preferences.” This would pull up a certain settings menu where users can click on an entry for the said “Background & Filters.” Users will then have to tap on the “Video Filters.”

Users will then be able to see a whole selection of filters or other virtual stickers to try on. There are also filters that apply some cartoons on top of the users’ facial features. The closest thing there is to the sad cat filter is the “Lioness” filter that would give user ears and also a snout even when moving the user’s face. Another fun filter is the unicorn and the bunny as well as two face masks.

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Located in the lower right corner of the screen, users might be able to see the option that is labelled “Studio Effects (Beta).” When users click it, they will then be given a custom augmentation of reality beards, eyebrows, and even lip color. This acts as some sort of virtual makeup.

Another easier way

Another possible option is to download the Snap filter for PC or for the Mac Computer and check out the already provided snap filters. Although the exact sad cat filter isn’t found, there are some that could be a little close. The article was referenced to the Washington Post.


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