iOS 14.3 Custom Apps Icons: Here Are Five Compatible Sources to Personalize Home Screen —For iPadOS 14.3 too!

Apple has released the iOS 14.3 beta version for the iPhone variants and iPadOS 14.3 for the iPad tablets earlier today, bringing new features and an operating system (OS) to work with downloaded applications. However, the OS versions are relatively new, rendering some to malfunction including the latest home screen app icon customization feature for the Apple Devices. 

The most valuable multinational technology company, Apple, has given its users what they wanted and have asked for in the past years, particularly with the widgets and home screen personalization for iOS. These features were initially present on Google’s Android but have made their way for iPhones and iPads with the release of the 14th version of the iOS. 

Apple iOS 14.3 Release: Public Version for Beta

iOS 14

(Photo : Apple)

Apple’s iOS 14 brought a massive lot of new features and upgrades for all compatible devices from the company, including the iPad who shares the same version, which only goes by the name, iPadOS. The public release of Apple’s iOS 14.3 beta has dropped on Monday, December 14, with a refresh to the existing iOS released this year.

The third version of the iOS 14 release has been available for beta testers since late November, bringing bug improvements and better integration to Apple smartphones, now available for the public. The popular Apple smartphone which was recently released, the iPhone 12, would enjoy most of its features as it is the device most compatible with the operating system.

Candicons iOS 14.3

(Photo : Parker Ortolani via Behance)

With this being said, the change to a new version of the OS would certainly render some apps to have bugs or malfunction because not all are readily updated for the iOS 14.3. Some App icons from customized features may malfunction, but luckily, the five best names have already transcended for the iOS 14.3 beta release.

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Apple iOS 14.3 Compatible Apps: Personalize Home Screen App Icons

Yes, it is a hassle to rearrange and reassign new icons to home screen applications one-by-one but that would happen when your chosen app designer has not yet upgraded to suit iOS 14.3. If that is the case, here are the five best iOS 14.3 compatible apps for home screen customization. 

If you do not know how to change the home screen app icons yet, check out our how-to guide to personalize or customize application icons using Shortcuts with the iOS 14. 

360 Noir (Free)

360 Noir

(Photo : Parker Ortolani via Behance)

This application created by Parker Ortolani provides free app icons that are circular and smaller compared to Apple’s default. The 360 Noir icons are also better for dark backgrounds, especially pitch-black. 

Candicons (Free)

Candicons iOS 14.3

(Photo : Parker Ortolani via Behance)

Another application by Parker Ortolani is offered for free that features square icons that resemble “candies” and old iPhone app icon designs.

3D Icons ($7)

3D Icons

(Photo : Alexander Shatov)

Moving on to premium icons, Alexander Shatov’s 3D Icons feature an eye-popping design that elevates the home screen with its “trendy” design. Also included are six wallpapers to complement the app icons. 

Aesthete ($20)


(Photo : Vidit Bhargava)

Aesthetics and minimalism? Vidit Bhargava’s Aesthete is one of the best there is, featuring 219 icons, 42 wallpapers, and 9 themes to choose from. The icons do not sacrifice design for minimalism and sophistication.

Juice ($9)


(Photo : Michael Flarup)

Match the macOS Big Sur icons with the iPhone home screen with Michael Flarup’s Juice icon pack for $9. 


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