Tips to Search Amazon Seller on the Internet, Their Limitations, & Their Solution

  ( Tips to Search Amazon Seller on the Internet, Their Limitations, & Their Solution )

Here are some typical tips that you are most likely to find on the internet to search for a particular seller. But note that all these tips are limited when it comes to searching for a particular seller by their name, moreover these do nothing when you try to find your seller after purchasing a product from them. 

So although they are helpful, they are not worthy of using when it comes to searching for a vendor or seller very deeply;

1. Make the quest as precise and refined as possible by using as many tags and sorting options as you can. 

On filtering and organizing your search results, particularly by cost or by seller, remember that AmazonAmazon does not provide a feature to search for a seller by their name. So Amazon is not going to help you help identify what you are looking for.

2. Using one of Amazon’s search recommendations when you’re in a hurry. 

Another thing to remember is that Amazon will give recommendations on what you may be searching for when you type in your search words. To search for it, click on a suggestion; results with a department added to them will be checked in that particular department.

3. If you are searching for books, use Amazon’s Advanced Quest. 

As the website has always concentrated on selling books, Amazon Books has a sophisticated search option integrated seamlessly into it. Only shift your mouse over the Department’s drop-down menu, hover over the Books & Audible mouse pointer, and then select Books. 

4. Know when to check for Amazon and when to casually visit the website. 

Know that while you are searching for something unique, Amazon’s internal search engine is better used for it. Make sure to use the search feature in combination with all these suggestions we have given you until you have a good understanding of what you are searching for. 

Limitations of the above-described tips & their solution 

All the tips stated above are limited when it comes to searching for a certain seller by their name or nickname. Moreover, if you have any query about the product after purchasing it, there is no way to find out about the seller and contact them. 

So a permanent solution is what you need…

Findthisbest is an online platform that is based on cutting edge technology & helps you to find your relevant seller in just a few clicks. You can perform an Amazon seller search & search for the sellers by categories on this site & later on add their names or nicknames to find a particular seller. Moreover, it provides a list of top-rated Amazon sellers which is updated every month based on their performance & reviews. 

On Findthisbest, you’ll find a list of top sellers that we measure for shoppers to choose from while shopping based on their operational results. Each month, the rankings are updated and it brings you the top 1,000 sellers. The ranking engine takes the sales figures of a seller, monthly feedback, favorable and negative scores, and more into account while making this list. 

So if you are looking for a seller on Amazon, give it a try to Findthisbest!


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