Look: Gamer Without Right Hand Gets a ‘Metal Gear Solid Bionic’ Arm, Thanks to Konami and Open Bionics

UK-based gamer Daniel Melville who happened to be born without a hand, is now getting a super cool bionic arm, thanks to publisher Konami as well as Open Bionics. The prosthetic arm that this gamer will get is based on the previous Venom Snake design that comes from “Metal Gear Solid” which is a stealth game mostly celebrated by gamers.

‘Metal Gear Solid’ Arm by Open Bionics

According to Melville’s statement to OpenBionics, everything is still unbelievable and that the bionic arm was apparently “everything I’ve ever wanted.” He then stated that he was a very avid gamer and that he also loves “Metal Gear Solid” so much. He then stated that to be able to actually have on Snake’s official arm in real life “is just insane.”

The game character of Venom Snake within “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain,” previously released back in 2015, had lost his arm in an explosion then was seen rocking a red and black bionic arm. This was also completely loaded with a detachable missile functionality as well as gadgets to be able to stun enemies.

Venom Snake bionic arm

The said Venom Snake bionic arm like the one that Daniel Melville is rocking is for below-elbow amputees and is said to easily clip onto the Open Bionics’ Hero Arm, which is a multi-grip bionic arm. Melville’s own bionic arm looks pretty much the same as the Venom Snake bionic arm seen in the game. Of course, minus all of the given weaponry.

The bionic arm is actually capable of allowing Melville to do everyday functions like gaming. Just like a real arm, the bionic arm works by using special sensors that are able to detect certain muscle movement and therefore resulting in the right movements of the bionic arm itself like twisting the risk, doing something with the fingers, gripping, pulling, etc.

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Other Hero Arms: Iron Man, Frozen, Star-Wars, and More

Open Bionics is a company that comes from Bristol, England and makes use of 3D printing technology in order for it to be able to create these bionic arms for amputees that actually cost less than the traditional prosthetics being sold. Each arm contains the option of being accessorized with certain magnetic clip-on covers just like Melville’s very own “Metal Gear Solid” Venom Snake cover.

Previously, the company, Open Bionics, was able to create Hero Arms that can actually still look like the red Iron Man gauntlet along with a vibrating repulsor, an arm like Elsa’s sparkling blue gloves as seen in the hit movie “Frozen” back in 2013, Hero Adam Jensen’s own metal arm coming from the game “Deus Ex: Human Revolution,” and even a “Star-Wars” themed arm that also lights up the colored LED lights, reported by CNet.


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