Raspberry Pi 400 Specs, Performance: Compact Computer in Cute Little Keyboard Launches Now

A compact keyboard with a built-in computer rolls out in the market. This tiny PC comes packed with features and performance.  ( planet_fox/Pixabay )

The Raspberry Pi just launched a product that brings the nostalgia of a computer compacted inside a keyboard back to life. Raspberry Pi 400 is a chassis integrated keyboard better described as a microcomputer. It comes packed with a well-developed library of free software.

This technology comes with a ready to run system yet easy to move and store as users can keep it in bags due to its lightweight compact package.

Raspberry Pi 400 Performance

The Raspberry Pi 400 may not come up to the performance of a mid-range gaming rig yet it serves as a desktop PC. It beats the performance of affordable Chromebooks and low powered laptops such as the ones running with entry-level Intel Celeron processors.

According to Wired, during a comparison test using a HardIndfo benchmark suite, Pi 400 beat the performance of the ultra-low-power Intel Bay Trail Celeron N2806 based laptop with quite an impressive figure comparison.

However, when compared to a device powered by N4205U an Intel’s current ultra-low-power Whiskey Lake Celerons, the latter marked three times as much performance as that of the Pi 400. At such a low cost of $70, the test proves a reasonable performance for a compact keyboard with a built-in computer.

The Raspberry Pi 400 runs at a 32-bit Debian-based Linux distribution operating system. It also comes with useful default programs such as office, photo processing suites as well as graphics.

Pi users may expect to open their cute compact computers with Open Office, RawTherapee, and GIMP. Installing emulator and games comes easily with the use of a graphical line or a command line.

Raspberry Pi 400 Specifications

The Pi 400 comes powered by 64-bit quad-core ARM Core-A72 at 1.8GHz. It has an ARM-based system on a chip. Almost similar to its predecessor the Pi 4 released last year, the latest addition to the family comes with 4GB of RAM.

Raspberry’s latest release comes with a Wi-Fi adapter, Bluetooth Low Energy and Gigabit Ethernet, and Bluetooth 5.1. In saving data and files, users may use a microSD as this device comes with the said port available.

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The compact keyboard launched with a USB port for the power brick, a USB 2.0 port, and two USB 3.0 ports. However, this device does not have a 3.5 mm headphone port.

As an alternative, Pi 400 allows users to use the Raspberry Pi Desktop or an operating system that is Debian-based Linux. They may also use Ubuntu or another third-party operating system.

The Pi 400 features different keyboard format options. It comes with US, UK, French, Italian, German and Spanish layouts.

Users have the option to purchase the Pi 400 with accessories. For the price of $100, a combo includes an official beginner’s guide, a pre-formatted micro SD, and a micro HDMI to HDMI cable, a mouse, and a power supply, according to the TechCrunch.


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