Fact Check: Dr. Fauci Debunks Claims of Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine, Will Not Be Available in a Few Weeks

The popular infectious disease expert known as Dr. Anthony Fauci recently stated that it would be clear if the COVID-19 vaccines were actually safe and effective this year some time early December. However, the widespread vaccine is said to still be unlikely until later next year 2021, according to Reuters.

Fauci’s statement clearing out the previous misconceptions of the vaccine’s availability

Fauci gave his statement to BBC saying they are expected to find out whether the given vaccine is safe some time by either the end of November or early December. It was also stated that when talking about the whole “vaccinating” a wide population, in order to make a significant impact on the whole dynamics of the COVID-19 outbreak, it will most likely be some time during the 2nd or 3rd quarter of the year.

The original claim was that COVID-19 vaccine will finally be ready in just a few weeks and the government will make it mandatory. The whole world has been putting their efforts in developing a COVID-19 vaccine and vaccine candidates are currently facing skepticism by a portion of the general public as well as various elected officials.

Wide misconception is that the vaccine will be available before November

Leading health officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci, have been able to maintain that the vaccine will most likely be available coming 2021. Meanwhile, there were promises of the given vaccine coming before the upcoming 2020 election day.

Both the safety and the effectiveness of the upcoming COVID-19 is not going to be the only thing that the public is worried about. There have been a huge round of vaccine conspiracy theories that still originated within the anti-vaxxer communities that have been thriving well in the given COVID-19 era.

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Other conspiracies that are coming from an unofficial website

The claims also include that the upcoming vaccine would actually implant harmful microchips or that it will eventually be mandatory for every single American.

One of the main sources for these conspiracies, according to USA today, is a website called Before It’s News, which allows just about anyone to post in their site. The particular post of the conspiracy has already been shared over 38,000 times as of October 15.

The particular post greatly emphasized that the vaccine will be made mandatory for every single American using the words “Force a Vaccine on Everyone.” The post also stated that there are already three different potential vaccines that are in their Stage 3 trials within the United States and could even be ready in just a number of weeks.

Dr. Fauci has debunked the conspiracy theories as well as the rumor that the COVID-19 vaccine will be mandatory for all.


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