Tesla fixed its risky ‘Pooch Mode’ bug

Tesla has refreshed its vehicle programming to fix an issue with “Pooch Mode,” which should keep mutts cool in a left vehicle. Tesla proprietor Rahul Sood found not long ago that Dog Mode quit working in the event that you physically balanced the vehicle’s fan settings subsequent to turning it on. Organization CEO Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla was fixing the issue, and today Sood posted an image of a product update taking note of “Pooch Mode Improvements.”

The update content says Dog Mode “will presently confine any manual atmosphere alterations with the exception of temperature.” So drivers should never again have the option to incidentally deactivate it — and end up in what Sood depicted as a sickening circumstance as he understood he’d quickly left his pooch in 85-degree heat. Sood expressed gratitude toward Tesla on Twitter and Facebook, applauding the quick rollout of the fix. “Each and every other vehicle maker ought to be concerned,” he composed.